• 5 benefits of working with a Personal Trainer

    Working out with a personal trainer has huge advantages over training by yourself and can be a great way to kick start the journey towards your goal whether that is to lose weight, tone up, strengthen your body, improve your fitness or train for a marathon.

    Racquets Fitness Centre in Thame provides a unique membership which includes small group personal training. The personal training membership provides unlimited access to the gym, weights room, squash courts and social areas.

    It’s especially great value because it includes a generous three small group personal training sessions every week.

    This incredible membership option means you can access a personal trainer for less than £7 per session in a small group of up to a maximum of four people. That is a significant level of support and great value for money don’t you think?

    So why use a personal trainer? Our personal trainers can help you:

    Achieve your goal

    A personal trainer will develop a programme to support you meet your goal. Whether that be to fit into your clothes, lose a few pounds, tone up for a holiday, improve fitness or kick start training for a forthcoming challenge, your trainer will create a plan to reach your goal.

    The thought of transforming a flabby mass into a sculpted physique or metamorphosing from a couch potato to running 10K might seem too big to achieve by ourselves and so we often just give up.

    A personal trainer will develop a plan to take you towards your goal, adapt as you progress and provide guidance and encouragement throughout to help you succeed.

    Overcome plateaus

    Often we start a weight loss journey or fitness programme with great enthusiasm only to come to a grinding halt. This is called the plateau and can be the point many become disheartened and give up.

    A personal trainer can help you to overcome the plateau and keep you progressing towards your goal by adjusting your workout before you get stuck.

    Reduce injury

    Too many people begin their new exercise regime with great enthusiasm only to be stopped by injury. Often the injury is caused by overdoing it or poor technique. A trainer will ensure you are performing the exercise correctly and at the right level for you.

    “I was using weights that were far too light and holding them incorrectly. Jack showed me the correct technique and increased my weights so I achieve better more focussed results so my arms will be ready for show in my summer strappy tops” PT Member

    Existing injury can be an excuse to shy away from exercise which leads to reduced levels of fitness, weight gain and loss of tone or muscle. A personal trainer can devise a plan to support your goal despite any injury and this can lead to rehabilitation.

    “I injured my knee two years ago and thought I wouldn’t be able to run – even walking was a challenge just a few months ago. Gradually building up my strength in my leg muscles means I no longer get pain in my knee and I am now running 5K regularly” PT Member

    Sometimes, the training might even support recovery of your injury!

    Maintain motivation and commitment

    Many people start a new weight loss or fitness plan with great intentions, only for it to falter and eventually stall. This results in feelings of failure as the end goal hasn’t been achieved.

    A personal trainer can help prevent you falling off the wagon. You’re less likely to skip going to the gym and collapse on the sofa with a glass of wine if you have a trainer appointment.

    There is also something to be said for having someone praise you. We all like a bit of recognition and a personal trainer can provide this in the form of encouragement, direction and evidencing your progress and results. This can make an enormous difference to your maintaining your motivation making you much more likely to succeed in achieving your goal.

    Personalised Instruction

    Attending a gym can be daunting. Everyone seems so fit and healthy, the machines all perform some weird and mysterious task and no one wants to look like they don’t know what they are doing – right?

    A personal trainer can take all of those worries away. They will show you how the equipment works, which you should be using, how to use them correctly and for how long. They will adapt and change the exercises and routines as they identify your preferences, strengths and areas for development.

    You can ask them all sorts of questions, grunt at them (yes many people do!) and share your achievements.

    A personal trainer is you very own fitness cheerleader who takes the fear out of the gym and can even make it fun.

    To discover how personal training could help you achieve your goals call us now on 01844 261754 or email info@racquets-fitness-centre.com.