• Yoga back bending workshop 24th September 2016

    Back Bending Workshop by Kate France. Explore the spine’s flexibility by opening the heart and folding into the back with a creative flow. Look into the anatomy of our bodies individually by observing how and why we can or can’t deepen our back bends. This workshop will allow you to discover ways to strengthen, lengthen

  • Massage Matters opens clinic at Racquets Fitness Centre

    Take an opportunity to see and experience the all new Massage Matters Clinic at Racquets and grab yourself a very special discount voucher at the same time. We are proud to announce a special pre-launch event of the opening of the new Massage Matters clinic only available to Racquets members and families. Following a six

  • Another back sorted by Racquets

    I’ve been having back issues now for the past 5 years and it had been getting progressively worse. Initially I went to my local GP who referred me to a specialist at High Wycombe hospital. It was there that I was given an MRI scan and diagnosed with lower back disc degeneration and Sacroiliitis. I

  • Save our doctors time and visit the gym for back pain

    In the news recently was that the UK was short of 10,000 family doctors. Why don’t we all reduce the burden on our doctors. Many of us experience back pain and we immediately worry that we have a serious issue that a doctor needs to look at.  But most of the time we have simply

  • Mums with niggling back pain

    In the past 2 weeks alone 5 mums have come to me in the playground at Barley Hill and mentioned that they currently have or have recently had back pain. The strange thing about back pain is that it is usually avoidable. In almost all cases it is curable too. The art is to retrain

  • Beverley Glock & her weight loss Journey

    How to get in shape – give up sugar and reduce carbs How am I going to win back my body and look great in a bikini this summer? I’m a member of Racquets gym in Thame and have been for 23 years or something daft.  They have a Personal Training membership so I had a chat

  • Do you need to stretch more ? Take a quick test at Racquets

    I have been talking to many people in the past couple of months who have been resting from exercise because of an injury. The injury was very often sustained during exercise !   You have to do the exercise so you need to learn how to cope with these niggly injuries, how to prevent them

  • Zumba at Racquets

    We have had to cancel the Zumba class at Racquets on Friday evenings because not enough of you wanted it. So, we are wondering if the lack of people for it was because you don’t want Zumba at Racquets or if we simply chose a bad day of the week and time. If you have

  • Nutrition In 100 Words

    Eat lean meat, fish, plenty of veg predominantly greens, some nuts & seeds, a little fruit, few starchy carbohydrates, no sugar or processed foods. Eat enough to train effectively without promoting fat. Consume a minimum of 2ltrs of water a day, more if you exercise. Stick to the fringe aisles at the supermarket, use the

  • Ensure your back is strong

    We have many people who come to us who have or have had the proverbial ‘bad’ back. Generally it is a symptom of lack of exercise or a lack of strengthening of core muscles prior to irregular exercise. At other times it is simply a lack of stretching / cooling down after exercise. Around your