• Testimonial : Louise Bozon (Alex)

    My son loves squash! He’s only been playing a short time following on from lessons with his school. His progress has been amazing and he comes as many time as week as he can fit in. The opportunity to play in a tournament has really given him confidence to improve his skills. He wants to

  • Testimonial : Herbie and Claire – squash for mum and son

    We were introduced to the squash academy as a result of Herbie attending Racquets for squash lessons with his primary school. It has been amazing to watch how much he has progressed in such a short space of time, the coaching is brilliant, it has given my son the confidence and ability to enter tournaments

  • Testimonial : Miss Galvin – Year 6 primary schools

    Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to learn how to play Squash at Racquets Fitness Centre. All of the children were catered for in the sessions, regardless of their ability. This allowed all the children to feel confident in what they were learning and to have fun trying a new sport. The impact

  • Testimonial: Ellis Quarterman

    Hi, my name is Ellis, you might know me as one of the trainers at Racquets. I actually began training at Racquets before I became part of the team, as a teenage, after spending two years building and training in my own home gym, I decided to give my mum’s floor boards a rest and

  • Testimonial: Barley Hill Sharks Class 2017

    Our Tuesday afternoon at Racquets Fitness Centre has become a favourite part of the week for me and the children of my class (Sharks Class, Barley Hill).  I personally love how they are being exposed to sports that they may not have the pleasure of trying otherwise.   They are taught well, with thought to