If you are looking for a great way to get fit, meet new people, and have fun, squash and racketball could be the sports for you. To get started all you need is a ball, a racket, and a wall (preferably four of them though!).

Squash is played by more than 500,000 people in England every month, from the elite players like World No.1 Nick Matthew all the way down to the thousands who take part in local leagues and events. If you are looking to improve your fitness, squash provides an intense cardiovascular and muscular workout – perfect for burning calories.

Squash at Racquets

With a match lasting around 40 minutes, there is plenty of time to take on your friends or colleagues during your lunch break and get back to work or Uni with bragging rights intact.

Racketball is very similar to squash, but is played with a slightly larger racket and a bigger, bouncier ball, making it easy to get a rally going. This ensures a good workout for both players, so if you have never picked up a racket before, or the old wooden racket is gathering dust, grab a friend and get on court.

At Racquets we have all the equipment you need for hire just bring some sports clothes and non-marking trainers.

The rules for both sports are almost identical, and to put them simply, you hit a ball against a wall! It’s as easy as that. Like with all sports, the full rules are detailed and comprehensive, so to make it as easy as possible for you we have summarised the rules of both sports and placed them laminated outside the courts

So, we’ve covered why you should play, touched upon how you play and what kit you need, all you need now is a membership card!