• DropiT21 : clean living nutrition and fitness at Racquets

    drop21Racquets is pleased to launch it’s DropiT21 nutrition and fitness programme. A clean living programme designed to change your size and your life.

    In just 21 days DropiT21 has been proved to reduce weight by up to 10lbs or 10 inches.

    An active secret Facebook group (or by email) provides both the daily  dietary information and 10 min high intensity workouts along with professional backup and a group of people on the same programme.

    Read about it and many great reviews to make your decision to join us.

    This great weight loss programme costs just £59 for the 21 days.  

    It will motivate you, teach you and help you change your nutrition for the rest of your life.

    For more information please speak to Simon or Sue at the club who have both experienced the benefits of this programme.

    If you, like many others around Thame, are ready to sign up and lose inches then Click HERE