• First time spinner ? Take it easy to begin with.

    Spinning, or Indoor Cycling, is a high intensity workout.

    If you are trying it for the first time, either from no exercise or from other exercise, do take the first session easy and stick to a half hour class.

    Each time you spin after your first workout you can increase the tension and the intensity until you know you are an experienced spinner.

    Once your body is conditioned to the intensity then you can go for it !!

    Why ?

    The muscles in the body need to be conditioned for the workload you are going to undertake.  It doesn’t actually matter which exercise you are talking about this applies.  Spinning is an exercise system which allows you to push yourself further than you would if you were just running or pushing weights.  The great thing about it is that you don’t even know how hard it is until after you’ve finished a session – this is why you have to be a little careful at the start.

    There is a condition called rhabdomyolysis (rhabdo for short).  It is very rare – previously seen mostly in firefighters and other services.  Here is an article of an instance of this :


    Remember – Rhabdo is very rare.  But everyone should always be aware that muscles need to be conditioned for exercise that is to be undertaken.

    For more information about getting your body ready for exercise, ensuring your body remains conditioned do speak to our gym instructors who can talk you through controlled exercise, stretching, foam rolling, massage and all aspects of maintaining an injury free body.