• Gemma’s story can inspire us all


    Gemma accepts that she was always the bigger one from a very young age.  A love of food and an aversion to exercise committed Gemma to a vicious cycle that ensured that by the time she was at University she was 21 stone.

    Despite her circle of friends being active, slim and fit Gemma admits that it didn’t cross her mind that she needed to do exercise.  Instead it was more normal to each cheap food, drink a lot and eat chips at 3pm in the morning – that’s just university life !

    As Gemma’s weight spiralled she experienced very painful knees which, at one point, included a dislocation.

    In January 2009 Gemma and her family decided it was time to do something about the weight in the hope it would help with curing the pain.  Gemma along with mum Jenny and dad Colin all joined Racquets Fitness Centre. 

    Gemma says ‘Everyone is so friendly at Racquets – both the staff and the members.  No-one looks at you differently because you are big and you are expected to come out of the gym looking a sweaty mess.

    For 2 years we made a half hearted attempt to work out but it wasn’t until the spinning classes started did we really get the bug for exercise.’.

    In 2012 Gemma joined Weight Watchers and at the same time started taking 5 spin classes a week.  A better understanding of food and a family effort to make the classes started to pay off.

    In 2013 the weight began to fall off.

    Gemma switched to Slimming World to help with the careful eating and added a few more classes a week.  A better relationship with food and the balance of extra exercise when the food control slipped ensured a consistent loss of weight.

    Gemma’s weight loss was really noticeable to everyone and by 2016 she was down to a size 18. 

    In 2016 she was invited to be a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding.  She asked for the dress to be ordered 2 sizes smaller and she decided to work really hard to achieve looking great on the day. 

    In December 2016 Gemma took out the Racquets Group PT membership.  Personal Training sessions 3 times a week in a small group with friends gave Gemma the routine, the knowledge and the extra motivation everytime to go that little bit further than she could working out on her own.  Before June 2017 the dress had to be taken in another 4 inches !  Now Gemma really recognises that she is no longer one of the bigger ones and is happy in the knowledge that she has control over not only her weight but her body shape too.

    Not known for her running, in 2017 Gemma agreed to do the Race for Life 5K.  On top of getting the weight down to a small size 14 the gym work had also built up the muscles around the knees making them strong enough not to hurt during the run.

    Gemma says ‘I have no intention of stopping.  Exercise helps me maintain my weight regardless of my food intake.  So I can enjoy myself and never have to diet again !’.

    Gemma’s tips :

    1. Routine is important : you have to work your social life around your exercise routines
    2. Exercise regularly : 5 days a week – make it part of what you do and who you are
    3. Find the activities that excite you : spinning was Gemma’s catalyst
    4. Give yourself a goal

    If you are interested in a Racquets PT membership for a month – or you know a friend who would benefit please learn more here.

    See the transformation …..