• JV Self Defense – time to start protecting yourself

    In these times when we are hearing more and more about needing to protect ourselves, J v Self Defence are offering anyone of any age a course in Self Defence.  This is a non martial art course.

     We covering attacks from:

    • Wrist grabs 
    • Arm grabs 
    • Shirt grabs
    • Hair pulls 
    • Sucker punches / punches 
    • Bear hugs to the front
    • Bear hugs to the rear 
    • Headlocks 
    • Front choke holds 
    • Rear choke holds 
    • Chokes against the wall 
    • Terror threats  – what to do
    • Knife attacks 

    Current course dates at Racquets Fitness Centre: 

    • Tuesday 18th April 
    • Tuesday 25th may
    • Tuesday 2nd may
    • Tuesday 9th may 

    New course begins again on : 

    • Tuesday 16th may 
    • Tuesday 23rd may 
    • Tuesday 30th may 
    • Tuesday 6th   June
    • Tuesday 13th June
    • Tuesday 20th June 

    All class times start at 19:30 to 20:30 

    • Adults £7 
    • Kids £5 

    Contact James on 07546475147 or visit our website : Www.jvselfdefence.com