• Pilates: A Balanced Full-Body Workout for Complete Fitness

    Pilates is a popular exercise class amongst fitness enthusiasts, but many non exercise buffs still haven’t heard of it, let alone the numerous benefits it can bring to people young and old.¬†Pilates is one of the most balanced full body workout experiences there is, it’s low intensity and works on many different ways throughout the body, from muscular stength, to conditioning, to flexibility.

    Here are 3 of the best benefits Pilates can bring you:

    Build a strong core from front to back

    One of the most common issues we hear of in the fitness industry is a weak or damaged lower back, and many of us often would like to develop a flat stomach with strong abdominals and pilates is great for this. A large amount of the exercises in pilates, while low intensity, engage the core and force your body to use your abdominals and back to stabilise itself through the movements, strenghtening your entire core and helping towards those flat abdominals.

    You can start easy or make it challenging

    As I already mentioned, pilates is low intensity by nature, which accommodates for all fitness abilities and even new comers. You can make it easier on your first few sessions or even stay that way in your comfort zone, but with all the exercise in pilates, the instructor will give you a different variation to make it more challenging if you feel like pushing yourself that little bit more.

    It’s gentle on joints and can help to strengthen them

    There are no explosive or power style movements in pilates, they are mostly slow and controlled by nature, meaning your joint and muscles aren’t compromised, it can even help to combat arthritis. And because pilates uses yoga mats, you’re largely protected in your positions by the padding. It may be best to invest in a large mat.

    Here at Racquets Fitness Centre we hold our own ‘Fitness Pilates’ class every Thursday from 6-7pm, as well as wide range of other classes fr0m Spinning to HIIT to Yoga. The full class timetable can be found here. If you would like to book in for a free trial of any of our classes call 01844 261754 or email info@racquets-fitness-centre.com