• Save our doctors time and visit the gym for back pain

    In the news recently was that the UK was short of 10,000 family doctors.

    Why don’t we all reduce the burden on our doctors.

    Many of us experience back pain and we immediately worry that we have a serious issue that a doctor needs to look at.  But most of the time we have simply fallen into the age old trap of ‘if you don’t use it you lose it !’.

    Here at Racquets we are helping people with back pain every day.

    Many of our clients are pain free right now – because they are doing the basic work that is needed to prevent reoccurence.

    So, what causes the back pain in the first place ?

    We go through times in our life when we become sedentary, that is we don’t ask much of our bodies.  The modern lifestyle puts everything at our fingertips, we don’t have to work to get fed – we can just get in a car, buy our food, cook it up and eat it – lots of it if we want.

    Back in the old days you had to hunt and chase your food, then carry it for miles before you could enjoy the fruits of that labour.

    Today, you have to constantly simulate some of that activity to prevent back issues.  There are very simple exercises that we can teach you which will start to alleviate any pain that you have.

    After your back has started to become stronger we then advise you to continue with those exercises but to extend them into more strengthening ones which will give your core stability the strength it needs to cope with any movements you might ask of it.  Like picking up a child or a dog, lifting your shopping on that day when you’ve bought more than you expected or simply turning suddenly to see what made that loud noise behind you !

    So, if you have back pain – come see us at Racquets.  If you don’t want back pain – come see us at Racquets.