• Playing squash gives ladies longer lives

    This statement hit the headlines a few weeks ago where studies showed that participation in racquet sports increases the partipants lifespan.  Further statements have been made that while not arguing against this statement all forms of activity and sports will help increase people’s lifespans.

    What makes squash particularly useful in this area is because it is just a little addictive.

    Play one game of squash or take some coaching – I’ll bet you want to work out why you couldn’t quite get that backhand to go where you wanted it.  You had a game with a fellow work colleague – and now you want to beat them !   You spent just 40 minutes on court and you know you’ve done enough exercise for a few days.

    On top of that there is never an excuse.  When it rains or snows the courts are there – clean and dry and once you’ve started very very warm.

    So currently Racquets is campaigning to show every lady why squash is so good.

    Over the past 3 months 40 ladies have started playing squash at Racquets.   Starting with the right ball and playing with others who’ve just started too – much of the time on court is spent laughing !

    MondayMorningLadies-11-16-webLaura Miller, newcomer to squash, said ‘I have absolutely loved learning to play Squash. Sue’s attention to detail and passion for squash is wonderful and is so inspiring. Playing squash has increased my fitness level in a really short space of time. We now have a great bunch of ladies who play regularly together thanks to Sue.’

    On Sunday 12th March we want to show more ladies the game.  So we’ve put on a free crèche and a free craft workshop to keep the children occupied while mums can give a new sport a try.

    There will be a free buffet included and a goodie bag including a T-shirt.

    England Squash, Sport England and South Oxfordshire District Council are behind this and we’re looking for 50 ladies to join in.   Help me show more ladies the sport that I’ve enjoyed for over 30 years.

    To book yourself and your kids in please go to http://www.racquets-fitness-centre.com/ladies-squash-festival-march-2017/.

    If you’d like to get some practice in before then – we have a great deal on at the moment – £30 for 30 days of membership at Racquets – click here for more information.

    All part of the #SquashGirlsCan and the #ThisGirlCan national campaigns.