• Success at first ‘Lift-Off’ Powerlifting Competition

    On Saturday 21st April, Racquets held our first ‘Lift-Off’ Powerlifting Competition. And with good attendance, motivating atmosphere and great performances from all that competed, the event was a great success!

    This was the first event of it’s kind for Racquets and was organised by one of our Personal Trainers, Ellis Quarterman. The objective of the event was to lift as much weight as possible, with good form for one rep in your chosen movements, which were Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. We started with a small amount of weight on the bar for each exercise and after each contender had done a rep with that weight, we went up incrementally in weight until it was ‘Last Man Standing’ and all other competitors had reached their limit.

    We held both Men’s and Women’s categories and some impressive numbers were displayed in both, with almost all contestants beating their previous bests on the day!

    Women’s Squat – 105kg by Tatiana Haigh

    Women’s Deadlift – 110kg by Tatiana Haigh

    Men’s Squat – 200kg by Paul Britnell

    Men’s Bench Press – 140kg by Paul Britnell

    Men’s Deadlift – 210kg by Charlie Metcalfe

    Making Tatiana Haigh and Paul Britnell winners for the Women’s and Men’s respectively, both being Personal Clients of Ellis. Tatiana, having improved her squat by over 30kg and her deadlift by 45kg leading up to the show said, “I put my win down to Ellis’s Training and Preparation for the event”.

    Paul also improved massively leading up to the event, having lost 19lbs and still gotten stronger through the fat loss process, no small feat for an experienced weight trainer! He had this to say, “I really enjoyed the challenge of training for the Lift-Off. I’m so pleased the hard work with Ellis paid off and it has given me more motivation to improve myself further, now I’m looking forward to the next challenge!”

    This isn’t the end! The team at Racquets are going to make Lift-Off challenges a regular event with different criteria to cycle between. Our next Lift-Off challenge will be held on Saturday 21st July and you’ll be challenged to lift your own bodyweight for as many reps as possible on Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift, giving the lighter guys an advantage this time around! So get training, we want to see lots of people involved!