• Testimonial: Ellis Quarterman

    Hi, my name is Ellis, you might know me as one of the trainers at Racquets. I actually began training at Racquets before I became part of the team, as a teenage, after spending two years building and training in my own home gym, I decided to give my mum’s floor boards a rest and join a gym. I joined Racquets when I was 19 and took my training to a new level with all the great equipment they had (and have improved upon since) I had decided before I joined Racquets that I wanted to compete in my first bodybuilding show after having trained at home for two years, so that was the goal I had in mind from day one at Racquets! Later that same year I became part of the Racquets team and began my training as a Personal Trainer here, all while training for my first bodybuilding show. By 20 years old I was working as a Personal Trainer, had begun my own PT business: Architect Personal Training and took second place in my first show!

    Fast forward a couple more years and I’m still working at Racquets as well as building my Personal Training business further and currently preparing for the British Bodybuilding Championships later this year, which is the biggest contest in the UK! I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without deciding to join Racquets as a teenager!

    If you would like to know more about my bodybuilding journey or are looking to sign up with me for Personal Training, come and ask me next time you are at Racquets, or visit my website: www.architectpersonaltraining.com

    Julian Feinstein Most Muscular