Racquets fitness centre has been established for well over 30 years. Originally however in 1975 it was called Thame squash club there were five courts  a bar and a flat. Since then Racquets has grown to include multiple fitness areas, relaxation and rehabilitation facilities Racquets unlike many other squash clubs is growing & recognised within the squash community as the place to train, develop and play.

At Racquets fitness centre we have very high level coaches and Personal trainers to help develop your game. We have group coaching sessions throughout the week. We have over 13 squash leagues and a club night once a week to meet and play new opponents. At Racquets we help to arrange games, so don’t panic about not getting games or knowing any one we’ll put players together.

How do you start?DSC09100

Firstly: Give us a call: 01844 261754

Secondly: We can arrange a thirty minute coaching session for you which is included within your sign up fee.

Thirdly: We’ll get you ranked in the leagues

Fourth: Get involved in club night and improvers.

Fifth: You’ll play in one of our handicapped fun tournaments.

At Racquets we’ll get you up to speed and try to in still within you the passion we have for the game. It’s not just for the middle aged business man it’s for everyone, the  games changed and its great!.

Currently Racquets fitness centre holds a World Record as featured in the official 2014 Guinness World Record Book