• Another back sorted by Racquets

    I’ve been having back issues now for the past 5 years and it had been getting progressively worse. Initially I went to my local GP who referred me to a specialist at High Wycombe hospital. It was there that I was given an MRI scan and diagnosed with lower back disc degeneration and Sacroiliitis. I was given strong anti-inflammatory drugs (Dicloflex) to reduce the pain however this gave me significant side effects including stomach pain and nausea. Due to this I stopped taking the drugs.

    I then tried various alternative forms of treatment including acupuncture, physiotherapy and chiropracting, all of which had little impact on the pain.

    It was then that I mentioned the problems I’d been having to Sue Martin-Downhill and she kindly gave me some very simple core stability routines to undertake. These routines included improving the flexibility of the IT band, alternating arm and leg core stability exercises and inner leg drops. After a week of performing these exercises each day and night I began to see an improvement and have been doing them religiously ever since.

    I am now able to play squash more freely and with little pain.

    I have been developing the exercises to continue to build up the core muscles and hope that I will be completely pain free very soon.

    Thanks again to Sue and the team for showing me these exercises and improving my quality of life!!

    Ozkan Mustafa