• Grit Yard Re-Opening – Workout Challenge!

    Some of you may have noticed that improvements have continued to be made in our outdoor gym! We wanted to challenge you to a workout to get this off the ground! Give it a go and write your results on the chalk board!

    Choose a weight on each exercise that you can usually get 10-12 reps with.

    Start each exercise with 5 reps each and perform them in this order:
    1. Barbell Squat
    2. Barbell Bench Press
    3. Barbell Bent Over Row
    4. Smith Machine Upright Row
    5. Tricep Dips

    Take as little rest between sets as possible.

    Add a rep each round and keep going until you fail to get the required amount of reps on one of the exercises.

    Write your weights for each exercise and rounds completed on the board. Take a look at the video below to see the workout.