• Mums with niggling back pain

    In the past 2 weeks alone 5 mums have come to me in the playground at Barley Hill and mentioned that they currently have or have recently had back pain.

    The strange thing about back pain is that it is usually avoidable.

    In almost all cases it is curable too.

    The art is to retrain your core muscles to work rather than your outer muscles.

    If you are currently experiencing back pain then please do come into Racquets and speak to me (Sue) as we have some simple exercises which will start to retrain your mind and core.  They are likely to help, they certainly can’t make anything worse.

    Once you have started retraining your mind and muscles you need to keep reminding your body to use the core muscles when lifting, leaning, lounging – all the time !

    Pilates is the best class for this.  Nig’s pilates is on Thursdays at 6pm here at Racquets.  If this is not a good time for you then please do come in and talk to me (Sue) and we will find a way to suit you.

    Don’t let back pain interfere with your life – simple exercises can and should sort it out.