• Racquets One-day junior squash tournament 15th July 2017

    The latest junior one-day squash tournament on the 15th July 2017 at Racquets Fitness Centre in Thame proved to be a very exciting tournament.    The results were vastly different to the previous tournament where many of the players had been testing out their competitive game for the first time.

    Zak Young, one of the Racquets Academy players, struggled to compete in the tournament earlier in the year but a determined effort of improvement over the last few months proved how much a player can change in a short time.

    All the players showed great enthusiasm for the game, supporting other Racquets players despite them being the competition!  This all comes down to the great spirit we have at Racquets.

    The majority of the juniors were all very closely matched so we had one grade of 16 players.  Each player played with determination and fantastic competitive spirit.

    Zak Young, age 10, who joined the academy as one of the original 5 back in December showed just how far he has come. The other children in the academy all had previous racket skills so Zak started at a disadvantage. Not to be deterred he worked hard to learn the game of squash and did so with enthusiasm and listened carefully to his coaches.  This was Zak’s 2nd tournament and he played like he had never played before.  His first match was a hard one when his competitor got distressed throughout the game, Zak stayed composed and focused and allowed his competitor to calm down in between serves.  Zak won all of his games in his group and was gracious with every win showing true colours of good sportsmanship. Zak’s coach Sue says “I am incredibly proud of just how far Zak has come in 8 months and I am delighted to see how the free coaching Zak has received through the academy has paid off.  Zak is a very good example of why we offer children a chance in the academy”.  Zak’s mum Zoe says “I am incredibly proud of Zak and how hard he has worked at learning squash as he didn’t find it easy at the beginning.  It has been wonderful to see the passion Zak shows for squash and his temperament towards the other players was exceptional, he was 1 point away from being joint 1st, it was a nerve wracking final to say the least!”

    Through some very long games the outcome of this tournament were 1st place Joe Johnson, 2nd place Zak Young and 3rd place Alex Glover all of whom are Racquets academy players.

    Recently new to the academy Richard Wheeler, Andrew Worby and Alex Bozon all showed tremendous courage in playing against some hard competition and kept their cool under pressure too.  Really great sportsmanship.

    Laszlo Garson, from Abingdon, was the youngest player in the tournament at age 7.  His competition was notable because he was playing against much older and physically stronger players.  Throughout the matches of the tournament we could all see his composure, confidence and skill improving.  He will be a force to be reckoned with within the next 6 months.

    The top grade of the tournament was a demonstration of quality coaching and keenness.   The winner and runner-up were the same ages as the grade below but have been playing for a few years now.   Alex Smith, age 10 from Abingdon, won with style closely followed in 2nd place by Ambrose Garson age 11, also from Abingdon, who played incredibly well.

    We look forward to seeing the changing standards of all the players over the course of the next few Racquets one-day squash tourna

    For more information about playing squash from young age or starting later in life, please contact Sue or Simon at Racquets Fitness Centre on 01844 261754. 

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