• Do you wonder whether your soap is bad for your skin ?

    We can test your soap’s PH balance for you.  This indicates whether your soap is stripping the goodness from your skin while it cleans.

    Bring your favourite soap down to one of our Wellness Evenings on either Wednesday 21st February or Monday 26th February and we will test it’s PH balance.

    The PH balance of your skin is key to allowing your skin to retain moisture. Well moisturised skin feels silky soft and is able to protect itself from outside influences like pollution, infection and heals quicker when damaged.

    Also available on the night :

    • Scan your carotenoid levels – an indicator of your health.
    • Does your cleanser clean your face deep enough ?  Try the new Lumispa.
    • Is your makeup good for your skin ? Find out why Nuskin makeup is all skin beneficial.

    FREE entry

    • Itinerary starting at 6pm and then again at 7pm
    • Settle down with a glass of Prosecco
    • We will test upto 6 of your soaps
    • Let’s discuss the benefits of cleansing products that are completely
      skin beneficial
    • Now let’s discuss the benefits of deep cleansing and of skin
      beneficial moisturisers

    We will be offering Biophotonic scans and Rescans @ £5 per person which give you a great
    indiciation of your antioxidant levels. There is scientific evidence showing that low antioxidant levels are linked to incidents of cancer. What’s your risk ?

    We will offer 3 people the chance to try out the new Lumispa cleanser which offers dynamic, visible skin renewal for smoother looking, softer feeling skin after just one use.

    Book now for 6pm or 7pm either date


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